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Chinese Seafood Dishes That Don’t Disappoint

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Chinese Seafood Dishes That Don’t Disappoint

Going to a Chinese restaurant when you’re really craving seafood can be challenging. Chinese cuisine is best known for their beef and chicken selections. But sometimes, people will go straight to a Chinese restaurant when they’re craving seafood. You may be asking yourself, “Why on earth would someone do that?” We completely understand – that’s like saying you need a relaxing evening, so you decide to babysit three sets of twins – it just doesn’t make sense. Our guess is because Chinese food has the irresistible flavor, spices, and sauces that you just don’t find at seafood restaurants.

Now, it’s our chance to turn you into a Chinese seafood lover! Here is a quick list of our favorite seafood dishes at Aling’s:

Szechwan Shrimp

You’ve probably seen this dish spelled a number of ways: Sichuan, Szechwan, or Szechuan. We prefer Szechwan, so we’ll stick with that one. Szechwan dishes are known to have a lot of garlic and chili peppers. If you order Szechwan shrimp at Aling’s, expect the tastes of garlic, a dash of ginger root, and fresh vegetables tossed in our delicious Szechwan sauce. Many of these dishes (in America) are made with chicken and beef, but we don’t think it should be excluded from seafood because the sauce is just too good to ignore! Plus, we value authenticity – and if we visit Szechwan origins, we will notice an abundance of seafood.

Szechwan shrimp is a spicy dish which originated from the Sichuan province of China. Sichuan has poor weather with high humidity and a lot of rainy days. Red pepper helps reduce internal dampness, so it is used in many dishes throughout the area. This paved the way for spicy dishes to be common in Szechwan cuisine. Not only is seafood commonly used in their cooking, but they also offer more beef dishes than any other type of Chinese cuisine. There are a lot of oxen in their region, so beef is easily accessible to them.


Kung Pao Shrimp

You are most likely familiar with kung pao chicken, a spicy stir-fry Chinese dish made with chicken, peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers. When it comes to kung pao shrimp, just try imagining shrimp replacing the chicken! The original kung pao dish was made with chicken, but many variations have been made since its origins.

In China, kung pao dishes are much spicier than we know them to be. Many different regions make this dish differently, but at Aling’s, our kung pao shrimp is stir-fried shrimp tossed in our very own sweet and spicy sauce.

This dish is special because it technically derived from royalty. The dish is believed to be named after Ding Baozhen (1820–1886), a late Qing Dynasty official and governor of Sichuan Province. He was given the title Gongbao, which means “palace guardian.” Say “Gongbao” out loud. What does it sound like? That’s right – kung pao! The kung pao dishes we know and love were derived from a prince’s title.


Honey Chili Shrimp

Honey chili shrimp doesn’t have a big historical background like some of our other dishes, but it sure does taste delicious! While we may not know where it was originated, we can tell you how we prepare it at Aling’s. We toss the shrimp in a light batter and mix it with our unique blend of sauces, where sweet meets sour.


Shrimp Hot Garlic Sauce

If you love chicken with garlic sauce, you will fall even deeper in love with shrimp hot garlic sauce! When you visit most Chinese restaurants, garlic sauce dishes usually have a red pepper next to it (to warn you that it’s spicy). However, most of the time, the dish isn’t even that spicy – unless you order it at Aling’s, of course! We prepare our fresh shrimp in a fiery, tangy (yet slightly sweet) hot garlic sauce and mix it together with onion, celery, water chestnuts, and carrots.

You may have noticed that our favorite Chinese seafood dishes consist of shrimp, shrimp, and more shrimp. What about all the other delicious fish out there? We’ll leave that for you to find out! These are our favorite Chinese seafood dishes. Which ones are yours?


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