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Chinese Beef Dishes We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Beef Lunch Menu at Aling’s

Beef Lunch Menu at Aling’s

Have you ever heard someone talk about the “King of Meat?” Sure, you have – beef! The Chinese gave this name to beef because of its high protein content, low-fat content, and yummy taste. Beef is also the second most consumed meat in China, next to pork.

Beef has many benefits, so no wonder the Chinese love it so much! Beef is full of iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, and a number of B vitamins. Traditional Chinese medicine believes beef freshens breath, nourishes stomachs, and strengthens muscles and bones. They even believe that if you consume beef in the winter, it will help warm your stomach and improve your health.

Beef may have a lot of benefits, but it has one downside – it’s pretty expensive in China. It is actually a delicacy and even more expensive than pork. Some areas of China consume water buffalo or yak instead of cow meat.

Here in America, we have a lot of access to beef – especially in Texas. We can probably find a cow within any given 10 mile radius. We already love Chinese food! If you can’t tell, that’s why we have Chinese restaurants in just about every neighborhood. Next time you stop in for a visit, try something new! It’s so easy to order your regular go-to dish without even glancing at the menu, but there are so many delicious dishes you are missing out on! So, which Chinese Beef dishes are most popular among Americans? We’re glad you asked!

Mongolian Beef

Okay, so Mongolian Beef isn’t truly authentic Chinese, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it! In Mongolia, they usually boil meat and dip it in sauces. Maybe we just really like to stir-fry everything, but many of the ingredients and spices used in this dish are common in Chinese cooking.

This tasty dish is known for being SWEET. In fact, some might think it’s too sweet for an entrée. Mongolian Beef is made with fresh orange peels and dried chili peppers. However, some choose to mix it with vegetables rather than chili peppers, and it’s not always served spicy. It is usually served over a bed of noodles or rice. For extra crispy beef, some like to deep-fry the beef twice.

Beef with Broccoli

Here’s another wild fact: this dish isn’t Chinese, either. Italian immigrants brought broccoli around the 1920’s, and it became popular throughout America. There are different types of broccoli throughout China, but none of them resemble the broccoli we see in our dishes today. Some believe this dish was used in China, but it was most likely paired with other proteins other than beef. Cattle was a delicacy back then, and wasn’t usually used for meat. They say the Chinese used their own broccoli, gai lan, which is a leafy vegetable different from the Western broccoli we eat here.

As a kid, that would probably be the most unappetizing item on the menu, but Americans continue to devour this one! What makes beef and broccoli so special? Well, the sauce is something else for sure – a thick dark sauce made from soy sauce and oyster sauce! Plus, the broccoli is never soggy, but crisp and crunchy! Lucky for you, this is one of our favorite dishes at Aling’s. We are as close to authentic Chinese cuisine as it gets.

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Don’t let the name keep you away from trying this dish. If anything, you should want to try it because who doesn’t love back beans?! Black beans are full of benefits! You can get a healthy dose of protein, filling fiber, disease fighting antioxidants, and numerous vitamins and minerals just from black beans. Some studies have shown that they can protect against inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. So, just visit your local Chinese restaurant every day, and you’ll drop 10 pounds in no time (just kidding)!

Honestly, we are clueless to where this dish was originated. So, your guess is better than ours! However, many people say it started in Cantonese home-made meals. We prepare our Beef in Black Bean Sauce by stir-frying beef with vegetables in a mildly spiced garlic black bean sauce.

Sorry if we got you hungry with all this food talk! If you consider yourself a carnivore, then you’ll love the Chinese beef menu at Aling’s. Yep, you heard that right! We have a section of our menu dedicated to the beef lover, the vegetarian lover, the seafood lover, and every food lover in your party! You haven’t tasted true authentic Chinese unless you’ve dined with us. We already have a table waiting for you with your name on it! Call Aling’s at (281) 242-0432 to place your order today.

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