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Spice Up Your Wedding with Chinese Food!

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Most American brides choose to serve the typical chicken cordon bleu, pasta, or steak with steamed vegetables and a side salad. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with that menu choice, is it really that special if everyone else is doing it too? If you want to be different, try serving fried chicken! Just kidding – you wouldn’t want all those greasy fingers touching your wedding dress. Mexican food? Nah, mixing beans with an open bar sounds like it could end in disaster. Here we go… Chinese food! What’s more unique than Chinese food at a wedding? Not only is it healthy, light, and delicious, but Chinese food catering is relatively inexpensive. Your wedding can be unique and memorable if you’re brave enough to break the mold! Not sold yet? Consider this:


For the picky eaters

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like Chinese food? You could meet the pickiest eater in the world, but they’d probably fall in love with at least one Chinese dish. Try serving lo mein noodles! You can offer different toppings like shrimp, chicken, or beef. With this option, if you have a picky eater or a vegetarian, everyone is sure to be pleased.


Make it classy

Make your wedding dinner classy by throwing some seafood in the mix. If you think orange chicken is too informal, how about Aling’s Honey Chili Shrimp? Chinese food is full of so many options that you can choose to go with classy noodles and soup or casual fried rice and chicken.

If you think the Brits are sophisticated, but not the Chinese, you are mistaken! Hot tea is a staple among Chinese cuisine. In fact, the Chinese mastered the art of hot tea. Tea is also an integral part of the Chinese ceremony. In traditional ceremonies, the bride pours tea for the groom’s family, while the groom pours tea for the wife’s family. This symbolizes the joining of two families.


Make it a party

The Chinese know that alcohol is meant for celebrations, and they make it an integral part of the wedding. Plus, having Chinese food at your wedding means you can have sake with your meal!


Traditional Meanings

Chinese food has a special background that makes it the perfect wedding staple. Chinese food symbolizes wishes of happiness, longevity, and fertility. The number of courses you decide on also have symbolism. At a traditional Chinese wedding, eight dishes are served, excluding the dessert. The number eight means “good luck” in Chinese. Okay, an eight course dinner might be a little bit lengthy if you’re not the traditional type. You can choose to have a buffet or serve just one dish, but the Chinese culture actually has some pretty neat symbols behind some wedding dishes that you might want to serve up at your wedding.


Lobster and Chicken

In a marriage, the dragon represents the groom while the phoenix represents the bride. In Chinese, “dragon shrimp” literally means “lobster” and “chicken feet” are referred to as “phoenix feet.” According to Chinese philosophy, serving both lobster and chicken represent yin and yang, signifying balance in the new relationship.

Shark’s Fin Soup

Many consider this a delicacy. Shark Fin Soup is usually served after the appetizers. It is meant to symbolize wealth since the dish is very expensive.


Scallops symbolize fertility for the new couple. The Chinese name for scallop translates to “raising or bringing a child in your life.”

Abalone and Sea Cucumber

Abalone means “abundance,” while sea cucumber means “good heart” in Cantonese. These are some values that could be instilled in your wedding and thorough your new life together. Many couples prefer these two together because it is meant to wish years of abundance and having a good heart to avoid conflicts.

Whole Duck

In some parts of China, serving a whole duck symbolizes fidelity, peace, unity, and completeness throughout the marriage.


Noodles represent longevity throughout marriage because of its long strands.


Fish is another symbolism of “abundance” in the Chinese culture. If abalone and sea cucumber don’t sound appealing to you, fish is a great alternative that will be sure to satisfy your guests’ bellies.


Lobster represents joy and celebration. Serving the whole lobster with the head and legs would symbolize completeness. Plus, lobster’s red color is the color of love! We also noted earlier that lobster means “dragon shrimp.” If the dragon is the phoenix’s – the wife’s – counterpart, how could you possibly leave it out of the wedding?


Tangyuan symbolizes unity and completeness. It is meant to wish a happy marriage until the end. If you’ve never heard of tangyuan, it is a Chinese dessert made in colorful, round balls. They are made from rice flour, water, and a sweet syrup – like sweet ginger syrup. Tangyuan also symbolizes family unity and can be incorporated to symbolize two families coming together as one. Serving dessert also wishes the newlyweds a sweet life ahead of them.

Chinese Catering

If you’re having a wedding or any special occasion worth celebrating, look no further than Aling’s Chinese Cuisine! We are catering professionals in the heart of Sugarland, Texas. We have a variety of dishes that will make everyone’s bellies happy. If you’re in the Houston area, we’d love to bring Chinese catering to your next event!

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