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7 June 2017 Category : Chinese Cuisine, Chinese History

Cracking Open the Fortune Cookie

Whenever Americans go to Chinese restaurants, we expect fortune cookies to be brought out with our check. If you go to China, you probably won’t find any. So, is it something we created in America? Not quite.   Who created the fortune cookie? Evidence shows that fortune cookies originated in […]

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28 April 2017 Category : Chinese History

The Journey from China to Houston

Houston is right up there with New York as one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the United States! The Asian population is Houston’s fastest growing ethnic group. In fact, it is the fastest growing in America – ahead of Hispanics. The small city of Sugar Land (home to […]

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22 March 2017 Category : Chinese Fusion, Chinese History

The History of Chinese-American Cuisine

Chinese food has become a staple in American culture, sparking the blend of the two. This combination is what we call Chinese-American cuisine. Like all monumental moments in history (and yes, chicken fried rice is monumental), there are interesting stories behind it. Here is the history of Chinese-American Cuisine. In […]

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20 March 2017 Category : Chinese History

Chinese Holidays and The Associated Foods

Both ancient and modern day holidays are held highly in Chinese cultures. They are almost always associated with festivals that include many customs linked with religious devotions, superstitions, and myths. These festivals originally started as mysterious taboo events and, over time, have become for pleasure gatherings and celebrations. Every festival […]

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