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28 April 2017 Category : Chinese History

The Journey from China to Houston

Houston is right up there with New York as one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the United States! The Asian population is Houston’s fastest growing ethnic group. In fact, it is the fastest growing in America – ahead of Hispanics. The small city of Sugar Land (home to […]

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21 April 2017 Category : Chinese Fusion

Chinese Cuisine for the Omnivores

It is hard to imagine a vegetarian Chinese restaurant, but the times may be changing! Vegetarian cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and here at Aling’s Chinese Cuisine, we have married vegetarian cuisine with Chinese cuisine. We don’t like to toot our own horn (toot-toot), but the results are […]

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7 April 2017 Category : Chinese Fusion

How Do You Pair Chinese Food and Drinks?

Whether you’re a strict vegetarian or a casual explorer of our Chinese seafood menu or a wild carnivore, we have a list of delicious Chinese dishes for everyone! Some might say pairing together food and drink is a difficult artform. However, everyone does it! If you’re a foodie, you probably […]

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